Here’s everything you need to know about myPlayfre.

African artists especially the “up and coming” find it extremely difficult to sell their music online. They usually have to require the service of a music aggregator to help distribute their music for monetization on stores. This is usually time-consuming and costly too. Sometimes they even have to share in the revenue with their music distributors who offer free music distribution; myPlayfre aims to change this. myPlayfre lets African artists sell their music seamlessly and effortlessly too!

What are we trying to build?
Monetizing music can be a very difficult process for an artist, especially one who doesn't have business savvy working on his team. Many emerging artists often fall in this category; they don't know the music business but have amazing talents. In Africa, many talented artists often get frustrated by the fact that music distribution can be very expensive. Many music distributors charge music artists to distribute their songs for monetization. These artists have to pay a lot of money each time they need to put a song out there and this sometimes discourages them to create musical content very often. Even the music distributors who don't charge end up collected a percentage from the earned revenue even after these music stores have collected theirs, at the end only a very little percentage get to the artist.

Now to the biggest challenge; many artists in Africa don't have access to receive money via PayPal which is one of the most common means to receive money paid out by these music distributors. In the end, they end up never receiving this money realized from the sales of their songs.

myPlayfre aims to change this. We aim to cut down the long process of music distribution and let African artist easy access to a platform that can help them monetize their music at no charge too. Cutting down this long process equals more money for the artists. This is something that most music stores like iTunes, Spotify et al are yet to do.

myPlayfre lets users upgrade their accounts to an artist account; this helps them get verified on myPlayfre and sell their songs easily and faster too!

Regular users can only upload songs on myPlayfre but won't be eligible to sell them; will just be able to offer them for free streaming and download. Hence an artist account is very important.

An artist also gets a special looking profile, a verified badge and stands a chance to get famous on the platform too by being able to spotlight their songs (get it featured) on myPlayfre. Artists also get to decide at what price they want to sell their songs or albums on myPlayfre.

To get verified, an artist is required to upload a personal photo and a valid ID Card, this helps us maintain the credibility of the system. Artists can request a withdrawal and get paid via their local bank accounts, which is more convenient.

Users/Listeners can upgrade to a PRO user to be able to download free songs on myPlayfre, otherwise they will be only able to stream songs on myPlayfre.

so why myPlayfre?
the real question should be, "why not myPlayfre?"

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